Core Values

Core Values

What I do for Labor On Demand (LOD) has no dollar value, but the impact that I can make on someone’s life is priceless. I will keep my word, and I will do my best to make a positive impact on people. These are some of the core value’s Lucinda has instilled onto the LOD team. As a MBA graduate, I know you should stick to 4 Core Values, these may change, but during my time at LOD I have not seen these main values change but improve. I believe that LOD upholds:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Service


Faith: The owners of LOD have a strong faith in Christ. They are highly involved in their church community. They give praise and thanks to God for all the blessings that they have received. Spirituality and beliefs can be different to every person. It can be God, Christ, Jesus, Karma, Higher Power, or a belief in something that is greater than yourself that provides a positive outcome or source of energy. It is what guides the individual to greatness that is the true source of strength. Seeing that there is a power greater than yourself is what makes a lasting impact and a legacy for those around you.


Family: LOD treats everyone that they meet just like family. Though there are a lot of internal staff that are related, that does not mean they look at anyone they meet any differently. Lucinda greets everyone with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She always goes out of her way to make people feel special, and she is gracious with an open heart. She cries when she sees someone she knows is hurting and will go out of her way to help anyone that is in need. She loves and shows great empathy to everyone around her. From an early age, her family had to take care of each other, and I think this is instilled onto our team and the business heritage at LOD.


Integrity: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Lucinda will uphold her promises. She still honors that through conversations, handshakes, or a hug. This is an occurrence that has been disseminated in our current day office atmosphere. Being the person that I am, I have become highly protective over Lucinda’s words and promises to clients. I get hurt when I feel like she gets taken advantage of. Do not get me wrong. She is petite, but her fierceness and determination are nothing you want to get in the way of. Once she knows you have taken advantage of her generosity, she comes after you with her wrath (though still genuine), and she will tell you how she feels. She has a true Christian soul, because even though angry, she never lashes out in hate; she is comfortable confronting an oath that has been broken. Lucinda treats everyone this way. Lucinda’s word and work ethic are admired and respected by everyone in the company.


Service: Lucinda give’s her heart out on a regular basis. She has so much modesty that it is hard for her to admit the generosity that she has given to non-profits and charity. She feels like she does not want to brag, but I tell her that people need to know how giving her heart is. So, I will do the bragging for her. Not that I need to, but because she is such an awesome individual. I just feel people need to know how truly incredible she is. Lucinda is one of the most caring, giving and loving individuals I have ever met. She treats me like family, this has given me the instincts to protect and support her with my knowledge and experience. She is amazing, and everything I have ever prayed and asked for as an employee. I am blessed to work, be guided, and be considered family by Lucinda.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Lucinda Leal sponsored 9 women to attend a woman’s retreat, Amazing Grace, that in the past she had attended that changed her life.  She chose 9 people including family and employees to embark on a similar journey that would hopefully would improve their life and spirituality. After attending this woman’s retreat, I truly understand Lucinda better and how she got where she is today.

Being one of the chosen, I was supportive but also unsure. I have always had a spiritual presence, but being responsible for our social media, I decided to divide our business and our spiritual belief in our internet activity.

She is a true believer in God and this guides all her life and decisions, including her business. She puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. When she says something, she will do it. She dedicates herself to everyone around her and she reaps the benefit of a happy and successful life from the support of her loyal employees.

Out of the 9 that were sponsored, 3 got baptized (2 previously baptized) to reaffirm their faith in God and Christ. I was one of the three. I was born and raised Catholic. I consider myself to be an open-minded Catholic, and after conversations with multiple people, I have been called a Universalist. Whatever that may truly mean, I feel it comes with a purpose of believing that you have and are part of a divine being. I feel grateful for my divine being, which I call God, allowing everyone else their own belief utilizing prayer, song, nature, and meditation. I have even attended a few Shambhala Meditations and find them quite gratifying because I can be at peace with myself and focus on my silence with my higher being (God). Again, there are many ways that you can reach your inner peace. I believe that everyone has their own path to an understanding of a higher power and that path may not be the same for everyone. I now realize, you cannot change the world by yourself, but by having strong faith, you can impact those around you with your acceptance and love.