Service = Success

  • Providing good service an important skill for success.
  • Good service applies to customers, co-workers, and all other people at work.
  • Providing good service ensures success and enjoyment at work.

Service Essentials

  • Doing more than is expected
  • Being prepared to put in an extra effort
  • Treating others the way you would like to be treated

Handling Difficult Situations

  • Being flexible and imaginative in solving customer problems
  • Being helpful and courteous no matter how difficult
  • Always doing what is best for the customer

Effective Communication

  • Thinking your ideas through before talking or acting
  • Speaking clearly and sincerely
  • Listening carefully before explaining your point of view

Dealing with Customers

  • Treating customers with respect, making eye contact and dealing directly with concerns
  • Communicating information clearly, using language and terms customers can understand
  • Always look for direct explanations


  • Always being on your best behavior
  • Always improving knowledge and skills and work performance
  • Treating every customer with understanding and respect

Satisfying the Customer’s Needs

  • Paying attention to customer and understanding their needs
  • Dealing with customer’s concerns and complaints
  • Learning to listen, observe, ask questions and make suggestions

Key Points for Good Service

  • Always think about how to give the “Best” service
  • Great service reflects on you, your co-workers, and who you work for
  • Do more than is expected, communicate clearly, and always, be Professional