Our Client Services

  • HR Management
    • Talent Management, Administration, Recruitment & Retention, Workforce Effectiveness, Performance Management.
  • Pay-Rolling
    • Currently print over 1000 checks weekly with a 24 hour response rate.
  • Insurance & Benefits
    • Provide Health & Insurance Benefits for over 500 FT employees.
  • Contract Management
    • Systematically manage contract analysis, creation & execution for our clients to maximize operational & financial performance.
  • Training
    • Job readiness, resume building, customer service, time management, etc.

Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management services help government agencies to establish a dynamic and progressive organization by continual reviewing every phase of the operation, and by building and maintaining experienced crews. Having the expertise of managing large staffing demands we are able to meet those demands within short time constraints.

  • Facilities Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Logistics Coordinator
  • Facilities Account Manager, Facilities Operations Specialist, Supply Chain Manager
  • Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Technician, Food Service Manager
  • Quality Control Manager, Parks & Recreation Manager, Food Service Specialist
  • Drywall Installer (s), Shuttle Driver (s), Event Cleaning Staff

Professional & Administrative

Our Professional & Administrative services provide administrative support to assist the government in operating in an efficient and effective manner. By developing and maintain a highly skilled workforce, we can offer the highest quality of candidates across the spectrum.

  • Human Resource Professional, Marketing Manager, Fiscal Manager
  • Public Relations, Professional Trainer, IT Help Desk
  • Accountant/CPA, Information Technology, Librarian
  • Administration Program Manager, Paralegal, Fiscal Systems Analyst
  • Management Analyst, Development Analyst, Early Childhood Teacher

Health Care

Our Healthcare Staffing services help government agencies to fill requirements with quality healthcare professionals. We source and screen nurses and allied health professionals on an ongoing basis, so you’ll always have access to a pool of proven talent.

  • Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurse (s), Licensed Vocational Nurse (s)
  • Phlebotomist Personnel, X-ray Technicians, Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Billing Personnel, Medical Technicians, Pharmacy Technician
  • Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Emergency Medical Technician
  • Health Coach’s, Case Managers, Speech Therapist

Human Resource Management

Our Human Resources Management service handles the various aspects of the employment process and helps manage operations within an organization. We provide knowledge, administrative services, tools, training and management oversight to enhance on-site productivity.

  • Talent Management, Employee Portal, Credentialing
  • Payroll Development, Tax Filing, Training Programs
  • Record Keeping, Recruiting, Policy Development
  • Skills Coaching, Employee Relations, Customized Handbooks
  • Federal & State Compliance, Managing Workplace Injury Claims, Benefits Administration